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Texts to Greg

 Dude I went to see Dr Strange w the fam this weekend and it was pretty good.  I always liked Sam Raimi's style, and it worked pretty well here, w the incorporated horror-adjacent elements.  I dont know about the MCU gettign involved in multiverse nonsense tho; it removes the stakes a bit, no, like oh shit Spider-Man died.  welp I guess were just gonna have to go and get a different one from an another universe eh?  thats why I bailed on the Flash show; all that time travel nonsense always sucks ass


Yo Man you gotta get back to me and assure me that all gun people arent absolute fucking lunatics, okay?  or are you too busy yanking it to the latest issue of AKs and Hoes?  I bet its that, ya fuckin perv

Oh shit I saw a movie called Men tthe other day and it is absolutely batshit bananas.  the dude that did Ex Machina and Annihilation made it.  Alex Garland.  its a bit artsy in spots and absolutely gross in others, but it stayed with me in a way that a lot of other things dont.  I want you to see it so I can talk to you about it, but I cant talk to you about it if you havent seen it, you get it

Today I went to the fireworks in Salem, the Flag day ones?  and I remembered that it was last year when we went when you texted me and said that you were in the hospital.  headaches and vertigo and shit.  you didnt know what it was but they were running tests.  I said jesus man I sure hope its nothing, remember?  but it wasnt nothing was it?  No indeedy it definately wasn't nothing. No Sirree

The Boys season three is out but I havent watched any yet because the wife and I are starting it over from the beginning.  its wild as hell, and very much my shit.  I remember when I saw the season one reveal and lost my shit completely haha I hope they did season 3 right.  Cant wait to get to it

I dont know how to handle this shit man, so I just make dumb jokes and try to make you laugh. If I come off like a dick you gotta let me know and Ill... probably double down and make it worse cuz im am emotional infant lol

Shorsey is fuckin rad man.  like a more accesable Letterkenny and the dude that playes Wayne in Letterkenny Seeso or whatever?  he kills in this and I know its the same dude, but there doesnt seem to be too much bleedover.  Id love to talk to you about it, trade catch phrases n shit

I was just talking about how we would flip each other off at work, trying to sneak them in in inappropriate settings, like staff meetings, or retirement luncheons or whatever, and about that one time when my kid was there and I used him as a kind of human shield cause even you arent going to flip off a ten year old haha 

Ive been thinking of you a lot lately man.  this shit has got me all fucked up.  I wish you could text me back.

I have decided that if you have used the word Woke in any context other than speaking about actual literal sleeping, youre probably boring, and definately a dickhead.

Amy called me and said that you werent using your phone anymore and that she wanted to get in touch and let me know what happens with you.  she is very nice.  Im glad she called.

In the most punchable face olympics that smarmy shitweasel fuck Ted Cruz is definately on the podium, but I think that Rittenhouse kid is getting the gold.

I saw the trailer for the Mandalorian season three the other day and it looks fuckin great, of course.  For all your terrible and misguided Star Wars opinions, we could both agree that the Mandalorian rips.  The other day I thought of a joke: the Mandalorian is just the car from Back to the Future with a dick.  Man-Delorean get it?  I didnt say it was a GOOD joke, did I?

Went to visit with you a while ago.  It was a bit weird, since I didn tknow if you even knew I was there, but your parents were very nice.  your dad seems like he might be a bit of a hard ass, lol.  I dont know man.  this is some fuckin bullshit.  Tried to flip you off under the table.  Hope you saw it. I said something about how I thought the Last Jedi was the Empire of the new Star Wars generation, which isnt something I even really believe but I though it might wind you up a bit, so suck it Mack I can say what I want.  You aint my daddy 

Stranger Things season 4 is great!  they got rid of all that stupid 80's nostalgia shit, gave us some cool call backs to previous seasons, and leaned more into the horror aspect which I thought is what made the show great in the first place.

Yo I bet she'd shit her knickers if you told her I said this, but your mom kinda looks like Nanci Pelosi hahaha.  dont tell her I said that.


Morbius was perfectly fine.  there was some cool visual shit, and some fun scenes, but the lack of a villian really sucked the wind out of the third act. Its worth a look if you dont have anything better to do that day, but you certainly dont want it to be your last movie, ya know? Seriously, pick something better

I keep thinking of you at weird times, thinking of stupid jokes I want to tell you, Movies I want to talk about and instead of that all this crazy dumb shit just stays in my head, rattling around on the inside of my skull with no where to go. 

Amy called and said that they had called Hospice.  she was a wreck.  I get it; this shit is the fuckin worst.  the call got me shook; I wrote a bunch of stuff to the gym feed, told those maniacs to get crackin on shit and not leave things unsaid.  Ive been doing shit too.  I intend to take my own advice.  Get busy living or get busy dying as Red from Shawshank said to Andy Dusfresne.  I want to get busy living.  maybe your last gift to me, eh?  I will keep it on the shelf next to the book you got for me that Christmas a few years ago.

I started Season three of the Boys finally.  This is certainly something about which you would have OPINIONS. I would love to fight with you about this. DEBATE ME ya fuckin nerd.

Your funeral was last week. I wasnt sure where I fit in in your life, you know?  and people said Oh I know who YOU are and shit like that, so maybe I had a place somewhere in there, below Nigel the weiner dog, obviously, but maybe above the guy that delivers the pizza?  these things always suck, but this one was rough.  Met your brothers.  Kevin also seems like a hard ass, haha. The chaplain did his best but thats a tough gig, man; the very definition of a tough crowd eh?  Didnt cry, though it got close a time or two.  You aint catching me, pal. you aint Old Yeller for fucksake.

Its 1:02 AM right now and I'm writing imaginary texts to my lost friend.  maybe I will allow myself ONE (1) tear, since everyone in the house is sleeping, and nobody can witness it.  Just one, and that's it.  You wouldnt want me crying over you anyway.

Im gonna miss you man, and your terrible politics, and your garbage Star Wars opinions, and your thoughtfulness, and your intelligence and your kindness.  Im going to miss you man.  Already do.  Aint nothing for it but to carry on. I dont have a lot of friends anymore, and losing one fucking sucks.  Godspeed, buddy.  Hope to see you again, down the road a ways.

So it goes.

Still Writing, 



   I dont have a lot to say in the afterword for this one.  These things are just part of the process for me; nothing for it but to try to capture some of this shit before it overwhelms me.  Anyway, tell the people that you love that you love them.  We dont want to leave things unsaid.  Get busy living. 


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