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Involuntary Travel Journal: May 2018

I don't carry a writer's notebook to record ideas and snippets of writing like some authors that I have heard of, my reasoning being that if the idea is good enough it will stick around.  The best ideas harass you when you're trying to think of other things, demand attention while you are trying to sleep, they interrupt all your best shower songs, they prompt your wife to ask you, "Are you even listening to me right now?"  And I have plenty of those kinds rattling around in my skull just begging to be written, and so I don't bother writing them down, because if I'm going to be writing them, I'm going to be writing them, get it?   Plus, I get a lot of stupid-ass ideas.  I sit here and I think, hey what if my mustache became sentient, and maybe my kids are robots, and I bet the reason giraffe's necks are so long is that maybe they were just regular spotted horses, and then one time back in the formation times, they said something insulting to the w